Restaurant Eve has one intention: to bring everything together in perfect harmony— ingredients, cooking techniques, presentation, and that ephemeral, indescribable characteristic called soulfulness.


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The Green Garden Lunch


Celebrate our favorite season with delicious happenings from Chef Armstrong & Eve’s master gardener! Luxury for less - 3 Courses - $28, while the growing season lasts.

Relaxed for the Summer

Summer happenings at Restaurant Eve - a new menu format with flavors of the season, Eve favorites, and family-style dishes. Celebrating Irish food & culture from DC to Dublin. Summer parties & home entertaining. 

Private Parties

A grand celebration or an intimate soiree, guests will fondly remember the dinner you planned at Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria.


Edible Eureka

Everything that food is supposed to be : a deep-seated love of paella - the meal that changed Chef Armstrong's life, with Nevin Martell and OpenTable. 

Home Entertaining

A delicious and chef-prepared dinner in your own home! Restaurant Eve & Chef Armstrong's cuisine available for catering and home entertaining. 

Gift Cards

Beautifully packaged and personalized with your sentiments. A return note card is even included so recipients can thank you for your thoughtfulness.