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Cathal & Meshelle Armstrong, circa mid 1990s

We asked area culinary talent to time travel back to the first time they laid eyes on their partner. Then, we prodded further to find out where they went on their first date. Feeling lucky, we even asked for photos from the early days of each relationship. The result is a goldmine of date inspiration, just in time for spring fever, plus a heavy dose of nostalgia.

by Laura Hayes

Cathal and Meshelle Armstrong: Paper Moon, Bistro Francais (now closed), Vidalia

The EatGoodFood Group duo of Cathal and Meshelle Armstrong met in 1992 at Cities in Adams Morgan. Meshelle served as the designer and manager and Cathal was helping out in the kitchen -- though mostly he was sending Meshelle love notes in the form of mini pizzas. When they eventually went on a first date, it lasted a week. After service one night, a group went to Paper Moon Restaurant in Georgetown for dancing, and then it was onto Bistro Francais the next day for breakfast. "One day I will open a restaurant," she told him. "One day, I'll open it with you," he responded. The marathon date concluded with dinner at Vidalia the next day. Sally Buben's lemon chess pie and the shrimp and grits left an impression -- so much so that Cathal started working there.

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