Dear Friends,

After fourteen years it is bittersweet to relay Restaurant Eve will be closing her doors. Our lease has concluded and Saturday, June 2 will be our last day of service.

Our restaurant was conceived from our love of food and hospitality with a name lent by our first child. Eve was only four then. She’s nineteen now.

The years we’ve spent at Eve with each other, our staff and our guests have been some of the best of our lives. We have acquired accolades and developed friendships far beyond our expectations. Cathal, myself, Todd and the support team that helped shape us and carry us thru the years have always felt proud of what we have achieved and equally proud that we all took the journey together.

We are most thankful to our investors for believing in us, our staff for standing by us, our landlords for their friendship, the food journalists for their professionalism and to you — the public who have all played a part and contributed to the success of a very special restaurant. We thank you all for your support over these years, we are grateful to all of you.

Restaurant Eve will serve until June 2. Reservations are greatly appreciated. When one door closes, another opens!
We hope to see you all at our new Restaurant, Kaliwa on the DC Wharf, Hummingbird, Eamonn’s a Dublin Chipper, PX, and Society Fair.

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Restaurant Eve has one intention: to bring everything together in perfect harmony— ingredients, cooking techniques, presentation, and that ephemeral, indescribable characteristic called soulfulness.

What We Offer

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Not Just Dinner After All

"Being sustainable & environmentally conscious is important and that we can influence people with our food" — Chef Armstrong

Parties & Weddings

A grand celebration or an intimate soiree, guests will fondly remember the dinner you planned at Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria.

Home Entertaining

A delicious and chef-prepared dinner in your own home! Restaurant Eve & Chef Armstrong's cuisine available for catering and home entertaining. 


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